Hello Again…

Hello Again, Hello…

Wow. It has been a long time since I’ve even opened this blog. Embarrassing. I can blame it on many things. But alas, it still falls back on me. However, I am proud to say, that for the next few months, this blog will actually be updated.

I blame Todd

So, this spring, we at UWB (University of Washington Bothell) hired an awesome new instructional designer, Todd Conaway. And I have to say, we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. But in a really good way. Todd comes to us from Yavapai Community College in Arizona (Sorry for taking him away Yavapai. Wait. No, not really.) Anyway, Todd is energetic. He has so many amazing ideas. And Todd has a way about him. He can talk so chill about an idea, but when you leave the conversation it stays with you. Thus, how I blame Todd for roping me into starting to write again.

The 9x9x25 Writing Challenge

These next few months, I will be participating in the 9x9x25 Writing Challenge. From the moment I heard about this – I was sold. We hear and read so much research on the power of reflective writing, and the good it does our students. Just take a look at any issue of the Journal of Writing Research. It’s the same research that we use to justify having students maintain an ePortfolio. Yet, how many of us actually do our own reflective writing? How many of take the time to write about our own teaching? Our own learning? I for one have not. But, this will now change.

Writing in the UWB Reading Room

Writing in the UWB Library Reading Room

The 9x9x25 Writing Challenge is quite simple. Write at least 25 sentences about teaching and learning each week for nine consecutive weeks. Publish your writing on the web. Done. Those participating in this challenge at UWB will be posting their writing on the Learning Technologies Blog. So, there you have it. For at least the next 9 weeks, I’ll be writing. Something.

I have to admit, the idea of writing so regularly, and posting it online is scary to me. I’ve never considered myself a writer. And I definitely have never shared my writing before. Yet, this is different. It’s a different type of writing. Writing for a different purpose. And more importantly, what sets this writing apart is that with this writing challenge, I am part of a community. A community of learners. Of writers. Of those who love education as I do. So, onward! And hello again.

Is that 25 sentences?