UW Bothell Receives Recognition in Promoting Accessibility and Universal Design in Instruction on Campus

During the UDAL Forum and Pizza event held June 3, 2016, Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler presented UW Bothell campus with the 1st Annual IT Capacity Building award. This award recognizes the current efforts at the UW Bothell campus in promoting Universal Design for Learning awareness and training.

Andreas Capacity Building Institute Award given to UW Bothell June 2016Brockhaus, Director of Learning Technologies at UW Bothell, coined the acronym UDAL (Universal Design for Active Learning) as a local effort to integrate Universal Design for Learning principles in supporting student active learning and engagement. The core group leading this effort is comprised of Ana Thompson, Learning Technologist (Learning Technologies), Sara Frizelle, eLearning Planning and Research Specialist (Learning Technologies), Jeane Marty, Web Developer (Web Services), Ashley Magdall, Web Support Specialist (Advancement) and Rosa Lundborg, Program Manager (Disability Resources for Students).

The goal of the CBI is to engage web managers and developers, IT administrators and service providers, procurement officers, disability services providers, and students with disabilities in a discussion that will ultimately lead to improved capacity within the three campuses of our university to carry out our educational mission in a way that is accessible to everyone.