Unity Offers Gaming Software Licenses to Universities for Free


How does working with real gaming engines in the classroom sound? Like every programmer’s dream, right? The gaming giant Unity Technologies is offering their software to selective colleges/universities around the U.S. for free. Students are able to work on the platform to create many great projects that include virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). These two fields have become the new craze in the gaming world, medical field and the classrooms. This could be extremely helpful in reinforcing interdisciplinary subjects.

The programmers could work with current generation biology and art students to help design programs for the next generation of students using VR or AR. There could be a time where students could wear headsets to look at 3D images of the brain and dissect it into all the individual parts without even needing a scalpel. The possibilities of this software is limitless.

While many different students use base line programs nothing gives that true feeling of being a coder like working on a big-name’s software. While the program is currently only for a selective few it has put nearly 300,000 students in the hands of Unity’s software since 2015 and is growing every day. Which means only more to come and more students to create. Unity states that they hope to develop workforce skills and continue in the advancement of individual’s careers.

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