Understand The Student’s Mind

Helping students develop the right mind set can definitely be difficult, but luckily this blog  Thanks to Stanford University, along with their Project for Education Research that Scales (PERTS). You can now see how its done thanks to their most recent launch of multiple and free sets of online resources. All was designed to help the educators along with the parents, understand how to help their students develop a strong learning mindset. The online resources are broken down into four courses.

First course is the “Growth Mindset for Teachers.” This is a simple course that is no longer than 45 minutes and helps teachers  under stand different types of practices and concepts. Such as growth mindset concepts, as well as multiple different types of practices for classroom implementation. The second course is “Growth Mindset for Parents.” Another course that is around 30 minutes long. This one tends to aim towards introducing parents to growth mindset concepts and provides them with many features and activities. Videos and quizzes are also included.

Then there is the third course. The course is called “Growth Mindset for Math” which happens to be a 75-minute course that focuses on enhancing mindset practices specifically aimed towards math teachers. Last but not least is course number four ” Growth Mindset for Teacher Teams.” This is designed for the school leaders and teaching teams who are trying to bring the mindset practices to their own school. Trying to bring it to your school, click the link at the top and find out how.