Data Analytics Will Help Student Success

With technology, students have been able to empower their own education. Either it being a way to help boost their grades or attending classes despite other responsibilities or locations. The Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology hopes that all universities will take advantage of the possibilities technology can create for students. The Office of Educational Technology outlines a plan of how leaders in higher education should use technology to create “everywhere, all-the-time learning and ensure greater equity and accessibility to learning opportunities over the course of a learner’s lifetime.”

Even with the enrollment in higher education increasing over the years, technology still has the possibility of spreading access, boost retention and prepare students for the future. The Office of Educational Technology has provided design principles that could make institutions more student centered. Universities have been using predictive analytics to streamline the advising process and easily recognize struggling students. However, some schools are training students to work with data themselves, as a component of student-centered education, to prepare students for postsecondary work. At Northeastern University, students who participate in Level, a two month data analytics boot camp, work with employers on real analytics problems and leave the programs prepared to work with data.

Data can also help students towards their path to graduation, inside and outside of class. At Austin Peay State University, students use an analytics-powered course recommendation system called Degree Compass. This tool will help students choose the courses that best fit their talents and program of study for upcoming semesters. Adaptive courses that use analytics to provide real time feedback to educators have started to trend in higher education. With a more student-centered institution, there can be more of a targeted assistance towards students.

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