5 Day Canvas Workout Starts Monday, February 27th!

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Beginning Monday, February 27th!
20 Minutes a Day – 5 Days

Join your colleagues for a fun and fast paced five-day Canvas Workout.

It is all online, so you won’t even have to get out of your chair! In just 20 minutes or less each day we are going to stretch your Canvas muscles and make you feel great about your capabilities using Canvas.

Each daily workout contains a short reading and an activity to complete. After the workout, you can hang out and chat with your colleagues or just dry off and head home. Either way, you’ll have stretched yourself a bit and that will make you feel good!

To register, please add your name and email address here. You will be added to the workout course as an instructor and it will be available at 8:00 am on Monday the 27th.

See you at the workout!

If you have questions about the workout, or Canvas in general, please contact Todd at tconaway@uw.edu or 425.352.5334

Your personal trainers for this workout are your friendly partners at UWB Learning Technologies.