Canvas App

Did you know that Canvas Instructure offers a on the go app for most major app stores? Not only is this app free, but also a tool that students can use to keep on top of their education. This app is available in the iTunes and Google Play app store. Sometimes there are disconnects between the app and the actual website, however I feel that the Canvas App can be just as readily usable as the actual website.

There are a lot of mimicking tools that you can use on the app, such as looking into specific courses and the information that the professor provides for the student. It compiles a calendar of all of the assignments or lessons that are coming up from all of the courses. The app also has a “To-do” tab that shows all the assignments that are due, starting from the earliest to the latest due date based on the time and date. It also has a notifications tab that allows student to see if there are any new announcements, grades, comments, etc., that their professor puts in. Last but not least, you have a messages tabs that you can use to directly get in contact with your professor or other students within’ the course.

You can also turn in assignments into canvas as well. Depending the submission type that your professor sets, you can submit photos and videos straight from your phone, or you can also type out a response on your smartphone or tablet to be submitted as well.

Overall, the Canvas App is a wonderful resource that students should download and use to get ahead of their assignments and keep up to date on notifications from their professor and peers.