Faster Data Collection gives more time for Learning in Lab

In college lab courses time seems to fly by so fast that it leaves students worried about two things. Finishing the lab and collecting the right amount of data that will help them to understand the overall concept that the lab is design to highlight. I came across and article from the website Campus Technology that talks about a new collaboration that will help to streamline college level lab work.


Vernier’s Logger Pro software allows students to be able to export data directly to Lab Archives electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). In a new partnership between Vernier and Lab Archives, students who once had to save files they retrieved using Vernier’s data-collection and analysis software and then manually upload it to their ELNs will be able to skip data entry

Logger Pro over 80 Vernier sensors to process relevant data for students and instructors. Lab Archives’ cloud-based ELN allows students and professors to manage, monitor and evaluate student work with intuitive technology that eliminates the need for paper notebooks in lab courses. This helps to cut down on time data entry and give more time to learning why and how the specific lab supplements the subject of study. The new Logger Pro function for Lab Archives is available for free to users of both Windows and Macs.