McGraw-Hill’s Improvement Could Change the Future of e-Learning

Image Source: flickr: Ed

McGraw-Hill Education has been one of the largest publishers of textbooks and online homework sites in the world. They have books on about every subject and continue to make learning more accessible to the masses.

In January, McGraw-Hill’s new online service went live. Connect 2 has multiple new features such as videos, simulations, practice quizzes, assignments, group work spaces and mobile compatibility. The system is fully customizable and easy to configure courses with. However, there is one piece that could be the future of e-learning. Within Connect 2 there is an adaptive reading tool. This tool is able to personalize the e-textbook to each student. That means this system is able to deliver personalized learning. The e-textbook is able to ask questions to the student and the system is able to adapt the learning to what the student needs the more help on.

With this is one aspect of the system, many more students can get the help they need. They are able to work on items that they struggle with and improve their learning. With the help of Connect 2 custom learning is more accessible to students and will help improve the overall learning environment. It should only be a matter of time before more companies will change their e-learning tools to custom learning which gives the individual needs for students.


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