Priorities Marked Down by University CIOs


Image Source: Maryland GovPics via Flickr

At the annual Leadership Board for CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) information Technology in Higher Education, about 41 percent reveal that “security and privacy issues are their biggest concerns, followed by staffing concerns and funding issues.” They also found a problem with IT budgeting staffing and cloud usage. The role of the CIO is to implement change, which makes the role very complex and frustrating at times. With the ever-growing technology industry, a portion of CIO’s expect an increase of budget in the IT department. With the anticipating increase in budgets, and an increased demand for services, stretching funding will be a challenge.

Those who were surveyed stated that they plan to meet funding challenges by increasing efficiencies. They plan to use more cloud services, centralize support and services, as well as collaborating with other institutions and using more open source software. This isn’t the only increase in efficiency that will be made. Along with finding new resources, they will also delegate Wi-Fi to students intelligently by placing a cap per student based on needs. This had created an immediate increase in reliability and less performance issues. The staff will be one of the few things that stay the same, but more student workers will increase, which will create more valuable hands-on experience. Increases in STEM majors, providing real-world experience, or hiring freezes would all be contributors to this.

75 percent of CIOs do report an increase in investment towards their IT department. This is because of the amount security issues that appear due to the constant evolution of technology. All higher education institutions must understand that there must be communication and good working relations as well as the understanding that potential gaps and vulnerability are always a moving target for security to handle. To manage the ever-changing target, 65 percent of universities have put a chief information security officer in place. CIOs report some security measures that are up from last year.

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