New Platform Makes Earning College Credit Easier

Image Source: Wikimedia


For many adult learners, trying to find a balance between course work and their job can be difficult.  The Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) at Excelsior College have teamed up with Cengage to create a new platform that lets adult learners earn college credit.  The new mobile platform, called CourXam, gives the students the ability to learn course content while also taking Excelsior’s college credit exam.  It can be accessed on a student’s laptop, tablet, and phone, whenever and wherever they want.  According to Nurit Sonnenschein, the general manager of the CEM at Excelsior, “CourXam … is an innovative educational product developed by Excelsior College and Cengage that addresses the critical concerns of today’s higher education students: portability, convenience and affordability”.

Currently, the product only has five courses pertaining to the college’s criminal justice degree, but there are plans to implement MBA courses into CourXam in 2018.  The CourXam fee for each class is $450, which covers the learning material for the course, an e-book, a practice exam, and the college credit exam, and each class gives the student up to six months to complete the course.  The lessons, visuals, and other learning materials are put together according to a team of criminal justice professors from multiple different colleges.

CourXam’s current features for their courses include a welcome guide, quizzes tailored to material the students need to learn, guides for time-management, quizzes that helps students know what they need to study more, options to learn more about certain sections of the content, module quizzes to test the students mastery of the module, and the ability for students to choose their own proctoring service at an additional fee.  After completing the course modules the students will take the college credit exam, and those who get at least a C on the exam earn three credits to Excelsior’s criminal justice degree.

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