How Tech is Shaping the Workforce for Upcoming Graduates

Image Source: pixabay

As the demand for training in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning increase, universities will need to find a way to better prepare their graduates for the workforce. In a study done by Pew Research Center, 70 percent of tech industry experts and higher education leaders stated that there needs to be new educational and training programs to prepare the upcoming employees in these new skills.

When asked about how to create such a training system, many experts stated that more online course would be a good start because it provides a flexible and self-driven learning environment. This would eventually evolve into on-the-job online training programs. As top universities are already utilizing online tools to better prepare their students, lesser universities will feel the pressure and jump on this path as well.

In another part of the study, Pew Research Center found that about 30 percent of those surveyed believed that with how technology is expanding, it will kill more jobs than it creates. Glenn Ricart, the TO of US Ignite, stated that with the rapid technology innovations, machines will take the jobs that humans used to have. This belief further the needs for college graduates to have some knowledge of AI and machine learning.

Not only will the online learning bring a more individualized education, but it is also convenient for more rural colleges and for spreading this upcoming skill around.

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