How Technology is Reshaping Studying

Image Source: Flickr

It can’t be denied that the development of technology is changing our lifestyle in this century. Instead of going to the library and study with their study group, university students now are more likely to study at home with their own devices. According to a survey from McGraw-Hill Education, 74% of students prefer to study at home and 81% of students say digital tools have helped them improve their grades. Time by time, this phenomenon has become indispensable.

In advance to improve studying experience for students, colleges and universities have reshaped the studying culture and environment in school.

Many colleges have opened their libraries to become more of a high-tech collaboration laboratory. Many universities have changed the traditional library model into a high-tech library, which includes 24-hour Windows/Mac computer area and presentation practice technology. Odegaard Undergraduate Library in University of Washington is the best example in Washington. Instead of storing bunch of books, this library have wide range of tech-spaces, tech services and equipment available.

Digital tools replace tradition note taking. Students are using their laptops to jot notes since taking notes on the device is faster and efficient. Many students suggest using OneNote, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs since they are very easy to use and organize the work. Students can simply color the words, create bullet points, and share it to classmates or instructors. Not to mentioned, this also reduces the use of papers and save the environment.

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