E-Portfolios Help Prepare Students for their Future

Image Source: Flickr

In a survey conducted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that only 23 percent of employers felt recent graduates were prepared to work.  It is important for students to be able to learn skills on how to communicate their career-readiness to future employers.  E-portfolios are an effective way to do this, since they showcase the student’s skills and gives the employers an idea of the work the students are interested in.

E-portfolios also help boost a student’s digital literacy.  By having their own e-portfolio, it shows that they are able to “identify and create digital solutions, adapt to new tools, and discover more effective and efficient ways of doing things in their fields,” a report from EDUCAUSE states.  It is important for students to build an online presence and craft their professional online identities early, in order to impress employers.  The employers learn much more about you from an e-portfolio, as it showcases your work and the process you took to come up with your solutions.  Some universities, like Illinois State University, are even giving students digital badges as a form of achievements for those who hone their skills and experiences throughout the school year.  The university’s honors program awarded 7,400 digital badges to students, which will go on their transcripts and make it easier for employers to see where their skill sets lie.

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