Duolingo Partners With Pearson to Make New Foreign Language Classes

Image Source: Chips Articles

Pearson and Duolingo have teamed up to create an experience that is intended to help college and university students learn foreign languages.  Through the use of gamification, personalized learning tools, and texts that can be accessed on iOS and Android devices, this new tool is a perfect way for students to practice their foreign language skills.  Duolingo will provide aspects that keep the students coming back, such as earning points for correct answers, hearts that go away when they get a wrong answer and make them start over when all the hearts are gone, and keeping track of how many days in a row they’ve practiced.  Meanwhile, Pearson will provide the students with texts, both digital and print versions that are aligned to what language they are learning.  The lessons will include speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice exercises, and will show students how they can improve if they make a mistake. Anna Szawara, a lecturer at the University of Illinois at Chicago, praises Duolingo, saying it’s a great supplement for any foreign language class, and that it keeps students engaged and supports their learning processes.

Participating colleges and universities will offer courses in Spanish, French, German, and Italian starting this fall.  “Our shared goal is to help improve students’ academic performance while preparing them for today’s global workforce and opportunities that require multilingual skills.” says Paul Corey, the managing director for higher education courseware at Pearson.

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