Mix of Models for STEM

Image Source: Flickr

With STEM being a focal field of study, there should be a “mix of models” to enhance, re-structure and re-organize the pedagogical approach to educating active learning for the future of Technology. Experts in higher education, technology, government and research expect the future of workplace training to include new kinds of educational offerings that can train large numbers of workers in the skills they’ll need.

As a respondent to the “mix of models”, William Ward, former social media professor at Syracuse University, who calls himself an “online education whisperer.” Ward asserted that “higher education is doing a poor job of preparing students with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Arguably, with school’s offering lab hours and sessions to compliment lectures, higher education is doing all they can to support such learning. In retrospect, measuring the performance level of students, however, might help identify better ways of teaching. What inspires each student student, subjectively, to actively learn about the new ways to innovate technology to solve real world problems. The challenge could perhaps be the cultural differences and diversity of people in STEM.

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