Software Apps for Better Writing

Image Source: Pixabay

StudySoup, a research group, conducted a survey that studied the writing skills of college students across 20 different universities. The survey suggested that more than half of these students were writing below a 12th grade level. Researchers believe that these lower writing skills have a strong correlation between the increase of engagement with social media apps, and the decrease of engagement with paper publications. In either case, the rise of social media apps are, and will continue, influencing this app-driven world we live in.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other software tools that strive to help students with reading and writing; for example, Microsoft released numerous software updates to its Office 365 products. One of these updates included an editor function that assisted with proofreading. In a similar fashion, another application, the Hemingway app, offers an editing function that is not only prominent in proofreading, but also supports a virtual feedback system that checks the semantics, clarity, and readability of sentences. On the whole, both the Hemingway app and Office 365 serve as examples of relatively useful software tools that improve academic, research and professional writing.

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