Useful Presentation Resources for Faculty and Students

Over the last year I have been asked to do a few short “How to make/deliver a presentation” presentations for some nursing classes. Originally, the request was for some Pecha Kucha sort of presentations, but the last two have been for more traditional length presentations. Maybe 10 minutes? Not sure, but I was given 15 to 20 minutes to do something. So I did.

I leaned heavily on Garr Reynolds work. I still have not advanced to the “gif only” kind of presentation I know I am capable of, but too chicken to execute. Someday.

I came out swinging in each instance with a clear “You are the Presentation!” chant that was followed by some happy “How We Are Learning to Kayak” story about our new-found adventures in kayaks. I tried to relate the fear of public speaking to our fears of flopping out of the boats far from shore. Knowing of course that we wanted to travel “out in the open water” someday. Without too much anxiety…

I brought my grandfather’s copy of Treasure Island. It was his when he was a kid, the printing is 1922. The original was first published in 1882. I tried to share the value of having tangible things to show and share and touch and smell and stuff. I shared a bit about the rule-of-thirds and using audio/video when useful. I also tried to point out that the crowd/audience is of high value as well and should be utilized. Often, they are the wisest “person in the room.”

Here are the slides.

I was then asked to provide some online content similar to what I had done in person. I have not created anything myself, but put together a few times in Canvas that sell a good song about sharing ideas. Below is the content on the page and here it is on a Canvas page.

From Garr Reynolds & Presentation Zen

These slides are pretty well done and there are Three Great Tips included in the presentation below.

The links below are from the Garr Reynold’s website and each links to some great content about creating and delivering awesome presentations.






Presentation advice from Cult of Pedagogy