Improving the Adoption of Education Technology

Image Source: Pixabay

There is a growing confusion over the definition and use of education technology among higher education faculty. How professors are incorporating technology in their classroom and lectures are also widely spread. While some use learning management systems like Canvas to allow their students to access and submit assignments. Others, prefer to record their entire lectures using software like Panopto.

In either case, how a professor integrates technology into their classroom boils down to their familiarity with the software itself. Some worry about taking the time to learn technology only for it to be out-of-date by the time they have mastered it. One Anthropologist, Lauren Heckris, studied why teachers were not adapting new tech into their classroom and her analysis indicated that many were simply “too afraid”(Matthews).

Heckris also suggested that “many academics clung to a ‘very strong’ idea of what constituted good teaching that they had often inherited from their former professors or even parents”(Matthews). This article provides higher education faculty with interesting tips to improve the adoption and implementation of education technology.

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