Effective Uses of Video in Higher Education

Image Source: Pixabay

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are evolving to support a wide variety of eLearning tools that make teaching and learning easier for the students, faculty and staff of higher education. Combined with an effective content strategy, LMS can offer desirable eLearning content that improves student engagement and the online classroom experience.

By the same token, a recent article on EdTech shares one example of desirable eLearning content, particularly, through the effective uses of video. According to the 3 Key Takeaways from the State of Video in Education Report by author Megan Cortez, many “[h]igher education institutions continue to use video as a means to connect with students and boost engagement” (Cortez). As a result, “99 percent of institutions have teachers who are regularly incorporating video into their curricula”(Cortez).

On the whole, the article summarizes the report with these three takeaways: first, the use of video in remote learning environments; second, the use of video to improve both student achievement and knowledge retention; and third, the use of video will continue to grow in the coming years.

For more information, read the full article on EdTech.