Learning about the Lightboard

We are very happy to share a new opportunity for faculty. We have a lightboard (or learning glass as they are sometimes called) that you can use to create videos for your students. Last week, Erin Hill and Matt Gibloff began making a series of videos for their respective courses. As these are our first videos, we are still learning about which colors work best, what color of clothing works best, and some lighting options.

As with all video, it is best to keep them short and very specific. Making lots of shorter videos is better than one that is too long. We recommend 4 to 8 minutes, but you can make them shorter or longer depending on the topic at hand.

Having some very clear ideas about what is going to be covered and illustrations you may want to prewrite on the glass is helpful. For example, you don’t want to draw a detailed graphic on the glass as you are talking, you can draw it before the video starts and then illustrate or annotate around it as you talk. Also, rehearsing a bit for each video is also helpful.

You might start off by simply making five or ten short videos that cover common problems students face in a portion of your class. Perhaps those same videos could be used in another course as review material?

With each video we are refining strategies for making the best video. Eye contact is really important and it is hard to do because it is pitch dark and you do not have a person to look at while you are talking. So you are staring into darkness and yet you have to look right at the camera for best results. Alos, we noticed that having faculty draw on an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper just what they want to draw on the lightboard helps them stay focused. That paper can be placed on the table below the lightboard where they can use it like they would lecture notes. We have found a brand of marker that works best and an eraser that works well. Waiting till the markers dry makes them much easier to erase. Anyway, each iteration of video is an improvement. We will share more as we continue to create these videos with faculty.


If you would like to set up an appointment to see how the lightboard works and make a short demo video, please let us know. If you then think you’d like to make a series of videos, we can schedule that.