Guiding Creativity to New Heights with Drone Technology

Image source: Pixabay

To benefit from learning and research, colleges and universities have traditionally acted as support foundations for innovation with new emerging technology. With the rise of drone technology, many campuses are exploring new ways to incorporate drones into campus life and the learning process.

According to an article published in EdTech [1]:

The number of drones used privately and commercially is skyrocketing. The Federal Aviation Administration forecasts the number of private drones will double to 2.4 million by 2022, while commercial drones will grow from 110,604 in 2017 to 451,800 in 2022.

In other words, the growth of drone technology will create more avenues for existing and prospective students to benefit education, design, engineering, and recreation in the classroom [1]. For example, students majoring in the engineering fields may look into making lighter, faster drones while those studying chemistry may research creating more efficient batteries.

In either case, drone technology is becoming cheaper to purchase, and universities across the nation will continue to explore new ways of implementing the transformative technology to benefit their campuses and students.

For more information, read the full article on EdTech.


[1] E. Zimmerman, “4 Ways Drones Bring College Campuses to New Heights,” EdTech: Focus on Higher Education, June 21, 2018. [Online]. Available: [Accessed July 9, 2018].