A Faculty Collaboration: The Learning Glass

As a student today, there are a lot of ways to access the information necessary to be successful in any college course. There are textbooks, handouts, and digital publisher content like PowerPoint files or websites used for homework. There are websites that faculty use to distribute lectures or workshops and there are discipline specific journal sites or sites dedicated to events or related content. And of course, there are websites that are created by educators that contain videos or material that is applicable to a specific course or content area.

Over the past six months, several UW | Bothell faculty have been creating a series of videos for courses they teach. The content of the videos crosses multiple courses. For example, in one course they may serve as pre-class material and be referenced in advanced classes as review material.

“In physics, we wanted students to meet our entire faculty rather than just the instructor they happen to have this quarter. Watching these videos then serves to help students become part of the physics community, meet faculty they may have in future courses, and see that their instructor is not their only resource.”
UW | Bothell faculty Matt Gliboff

Below is one of the videos we created. The full playlist has 23 videos. The small icon in the upper left of the screen will show all 23 of them.

Along with the Physics faculty, the CSS faculty are also using the learning glass for building content in several courses. Mike Stiber has created a number of videos for his CSS 501 class. They are all embedded into the course Canvas site.

The tool used to create the videos is called Learning Glass, or more generally, a light board. The Office of Digital Learning & Innovation (DLI) has one that is available for any faculty to use. The faculty do the explaining and DLI does the making of the video. DLI can give faculty a quick look at it before making any videos to see if it is something that you might find valuable. Making the videos is easy. Just write on the glass and explain your topic.

If you are interested in finding our more, please stop by our offices or give us a call or email.