Winter Faculty Opportunties

Upcoming DLI Events

January 7 – 11
ALL DAY 9 to 4:30
Canvas, Coffee, and Cookies DLI Offices
January 15th 10 am
January 18th 10 am
Introduction to Bb Ally 15th  Zoom link
18th Zoom Link
January 25th 10 am
January 28th 2:30 pm
Making a Canvas Homepage LBA-204 F
January 31st 1:00 pm Learning Glass LBA-204 E
February 6th 3:00 pm Grading Strategies Online via Zoom
February 13th 12:00 pm Using Vericite Plagiarism Checker Online via Zoom
February 11 to 15th A Walk in the Open Online
Begins February 19th Accessibility 101 Online

Canvas, Coffee, and Cookies

Stop by our offices in LBA-204 E any time the first week of the quarter for our gourmet coffee and sweet treats. We are available from 8:30 to 4:30 and we will also be coming around to your offices just in case you are too busy to find us. You can also call us anytime at 425.352.5334 and get a real human who can help, right away!

Introduction to Bb Ally

Bb Ally is being introduced to Canvas to help improve accessibility in courses. So what is Bb Ally? How does it work for students? For instructors? How can I make it work for me?

Making a Canvas Homepage (or love at first bite)

Learn how to design a Canvas course homepage and how DLI can help you create a digital space that is understandable and aesthetically pleasing.  

Using the Learning Glass

Interested in creating useful demonstrations about course content for your students ? One of the ways to do that is to use the Learning Glass. Come see how it works and we will help you create the videos.You can see an example of one of Mike Stiber’s videos.

Grading Strategies

What are some strategies to enhance grading and make it more efficient? We’ll consider both pedagogical and Canvas strategies and discuss how you can provide effective feedback while also saving time.

Using Vericite

Did you know? VeriCite, plagiarism checker, is available for use on all Canvas assignments! Learn about VeriCite, how it works, and what assignment types work well or don’t work with the tool. See more on the DLI website.

The Walk in the Open

In another one of the wonderful five-day courses from DLI, learn about the ways you can use and create open educational resources in your courses.

Accessibility 101

This course is divided into content areas addressing the topics such as Accessibility Basics, Creating Accessible Documents, Accessible Online Content, and How Do I Get Started?

Some Optional Content includes PDF Accessibility Basics with Adobe Acrobat Pro, Accessible Web Design Standards, and More Accessibility Lessons.