Support Instructors Making the Transition to the Online Classroom

Last week, I participated in a Twitter chat (yeah, I know what you are thinking…) that had some amazing people in it sharing some really useful ideas and links regarding faculty development and moving from the face-to-face place to hybrid and online spaces.

I do not participate in chats all that often, though I do use Twitter as a communication tool and a learning space everyday.  And I am trying something new today with this post. I am adding a “collection” of tweets I selected from the chat and embedding them below these sentences.

A writer from EdSurge wrote about the chat in this article. He did a nice job of creating something readable from the often chaotic nature of the chat when it is actually happening. By clicking on any of the links below, or in the article linked above, you can see some smart people offering excellent advice and resources to faculty new to the online learning space.