2019 eLearning Symposium

Please join us for our Fifth Annual eLearning Symposium! (Registration link) This year we will focus on our rich opportunities for collaboration in academic spaces. Topics ranging from using tools like Zoom in our courses with students to discovering ways we can share our learning as educators, we will explore some of the  ways our colleagues are using strategies and tools to offer our students the best experiences possible. Perhaps we will find that the very same ways we can connect and grow as educators are the same ways we can offer students to learn and grow in their academic journey.

The symposium format is full of hands on activities and short presentations by your colleagues with plenty of time for conversation! This year we are also fortunate to have Terry Greene, a colleague from Ontario, Canada share some of his stories with us.

This year the symposium is on July 31st from 9am to 4pm in the North Creek Events Center

Special Guest Terry Greene

Terry Greene is the Learning Technology Specialist at Fleming College. He spent the last two years at eCampus Ontario as a program manager. He is doing brilliant work getting faculty at universities across Canada to share their experiences as educators. We welcome him as a speaker at our annual eLearning Symposium. Some of the work Terry has done recently is shared below.

Open Faculty Patchbook

The Open Faculty Patchbook - A Community Quilt of Pedagogy

“Fleming College faculty and our peers around the world are building a community patchwork of ‘chapters’ into a quasi-textbook about pedagogy for teaching & learning in college. Each patch of the quilt/chapter of the book (let’s call it a patchbook) will focus on one pedagogical skill and be completed and published by an individual faculty member.”

You can see the PressBooks version of the Patchbook here. The web version is here.

Gettin’ Air Podcasts

The 9x9x25 Challenge

poster with computer screens and describing the 9x9x25 challenge. 9 posts, 9 weeks, 25 sentencesLast year, Terry had a number of faculty share their experiences on the web by challenging them to write about their work. You can see the writing they created here.

This could be a pretty easy challenge if you’re already a reflective educator. Even easier if you’re already on a team of reflective educators!

We want to collect your reflections on the teaching and learning happenings in your classes and on your campuses here on Ontario Extend’s Domains Hub. We think we can give each other a leg up on how things are going. The challenge is to write about your teaching in 9 posts, over 9 weeks, with a minimum of 25 sentences per post. No fragments! In doing so, maybe we will make some new and exciting connections. Here’s a bit of the origin story of the 9X9X25 Challenge itself.

Please spend the day with your colleagues sharing your insights and ideas about teaching and learning! We have a continental breakfast and a good solid lunch. We have lots of activities and stuff to give away.

Comments from symposium participants!

I really liked the structure: topics were covered with 15 minutes or so(not too much) of talking followed by a relevant activity. I liked how technology was woven throughout and used, rather than demonstrated.

You did a fantastic job! This was really well done, overall. I can really see how much thought you put into the topics, structure, pace, and experience of the symposium. I had a great time!

I really enjoy this symposium. The last two years in particular have been wonderful! I always get so energized by what I learn and experience. Thanks for the food and candy too!