WordPress in Higher Ed. One Way to Go.

This weekend, I am off to Portland to share the 9x9x25 Challenge with the people at WPCampus. I hope to get another school to give the writing challenge a shot. We will see.

logo for conference. WordPress in Higher Education. Where WordPress meets Higher Education. July 25 to the 27th. Portland, Oregon

It is a conference about using WordPress in higher education. For the 9x9x25, we used WordPress to aggregate all the faculty posts into a single place. It was a perfect tool for both public facing writing and for an easy way to pull the faculty posts form their various blog sites. We used a WordPress plugin called Feed WordPress.

Here is my presentation.

I had been working with faculty at Yavapai College for about five years before we dreamt up the 9x9x25 Writing Challenge. I think that by that time I had enough faculty who trusted me to sort of “salt the tip jar” should we only get a handful of other faculty participants. As it worked out, along with the four I had commitments from, twelve more faculty signed up for the first 9x9x25 challenge. You can read the 300 plus pages of writing they created in nine weeks here. Crazy.

first lines from article about OER at Yavapai College

After five years working with faculty as an instructional designer, I realized I just needed to get the faculty to share their ideas and experiences in a way that would help them be willing to maybe risk some change in their courses. They learned best from their fellow faculty, and along with all the usual suspects we offered like workshops and institutes, we still had room for another space to learn in. So, we used the internet.

I have been here at Bothell for a little over three years. I am not yet sure I could get five faculty to commit to writing for nine straight weeks. Maybe, but I am not sure. I have not tried. But I will in the not too distant future.

The idea for the challenge has been modified and adopted by faculty at some other schools.

Here at Bothell, I am going to push WordPress a bit at our 2019 eLearning Symposium. For one of the activities, I am going to have all the participants login to a single WordPress site as authors and write a short piece on teaching and learning and we will magically see all of that content on a single website. I hope. You know how tech demos go…

Sometime I hope to get some faculty here at Bothell to participate in a similar writing project. I know some will. Maybe I’ll offer it as one of our 2019/2020 Learning Communities?

Here is a short article about the challenge and below is an interview I did with Terry Greene about the project.

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