2019 eLearning Symposium

Collaborating Across Time and Space:
Our Work in the Digital Age

9:00 am  |  July 31st  |  North Creek Events Center

    WordPress Site    |   Canvas Course    |    Vialogues    |    Kahoot


9:00 |  Welcome & Introductions – Scenes from the Snowpocalypse & Songs from the Snowpocalyspe

9:15  |  I Don’t Always Use Memes, But When I Do

9:30  |  Collaborating Across Time & Space with Andreas

9:45  |  Presenter: Todd Conaway
UW | Bothell Learning Communities and the Open Web
Resources: LC Webpage | Bothell Open Web resources  | Open Web LC & KnownIn 2009 You could… | Today, this is the web

10:00  |  Presenter: Mark Chen
Claiming Web Space and Hosting Blogs as Normal Practice
Resources: Presentation slidesSetting Up WordPress |  Student Blog 1 | Student Blog 2 

10:15  |  Activity: A Shared Space to Create and Learn
UW has recently updated the free WordPress sites available to faculty and staff. While not as complete as the “self-hosted” version of WordPress, it is a space to begin a journey into the web. Please click here, and use your UW credentials to log in. Once you have done that, click , “visit dashboard.” Then click the”+ NEW” icon and click “post.” Start typing.

10:30  |  Presenter: Jody Early
It’s not really about the tool. It’s the learning
Resources: Presentation slidesRecalling | Understanding | Applying | Analyzing | Evaluating | Creating | Collaborating | All the stuff is here

10:45  |  Presenter: David Socha
Zoom in CSS Online Classes
Resources: presentation slides

11:00  |  Presenter: Ana Thompson
Collaborating Accessibly
Resources: Presentation | Canvas Accessibility Checklist | Accessibility 101 Course PreviewAccessibility and Online Video Stats Infographic 

11:20  | Activity: Chatty All the Time (Canvas course link)
You have probably seen the Chat feature in Canvas, and wondered if it is useful? Well, how about we check it our and see? 

11:35  | Activity: Commenting on a Google Doc (Google Doc link)
   Part 1) For 10 minutes, read through some of the quotes and find a couple that resonate with you. Make a couple insightful comments on them. (If you want, you can add your own favorite to the doc, but not comment on it.)

   Part Two) At your table, use your group process skills to agree on one specific quote that resonates with the rest of your colleagues. Then, decide who will present the quote to the rest of the audience, and why your table found it relevant/useful.

 12: 00 | Lunch

12:45 |  Guest Presenter Terry Greene
Resources: Getting Air  |  eOntario | Open Faculty PatchBook | 9x9x25 Challenge | Learning Nuggets

1:10  |  Presenter: Robyn Foshee
Norming student interactions in class
Resources: presentation slides | Groups link

1:25  |  Presenter: Sarita Shukla
Vialogues in Education Courses
Resources: presentation link | Vialogues Homepage

1:40  |  Activity: Vialogues in the Classroom
There are a number of ways to communicate on the web. Facebook groups, Canvas discussions, Twitter… You know. Vialogues allows users to comment on videos using timestamps. Let’s take a look. | Here is another example of what it might look like. 

2:00 |  Presenter: Peter Freeman, Jan Kinney, and Tim McCabe
Out of the Mailbag: Instructional Podcast for UW Continuum College Instructors
Resources: Instructional Podcasts | Out of the Mailbag–Podcast Presentation  

2:15 |  Presenter: Penelope Adams Moon
Developing Online Courses in Community: A Blueprint for Cultivating Collegiality, Improving Outcomes, and Building Sustainability
Resources:  Presentation slides 

2:45 |   Activity: Kahoot!
Here is your big chance to win, win, win! All you need is the desire to play!

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