Our Team

Who We Are:

Andreas BrockhausAndreas Brockhaus launched the UW Bothell Learning Technologies unit in 2002, having come from North Seattle College where he was the head of the Teaching and Learning Center. A sampling of projects in the ensuing years include launching the hybrid learning initiative,  creating the Open Learning Lab and the Digital Media Lab, moving the campus to Canvas, developing multiple faculty development institutes, and developing campus ePortfolio options. Some of his current projects involve helping Schools and programs develop online certificates and degrees, providing eLearning research and marketing data, and designing informal and formal learning environments with a special emphasis on active learning classrooms. Throughout his career, Andreas’ focus has been on how best to integrate teaching and learning with technology to foster student success. Andreas is also a part-time IAS faculty member and teaches for the First Year and Pre-Major Program.

Andreas Brockhaus / Executive Director, Office of Digital Learning & Innovation / ajb5@uw.edu / (425) 352-5393 / LBA-204C

Penelope Adams MoonPenelope Adams Moon joined DLI in 2019 to work on strategic planning, policy administration, and curriculum development related to online education. Over the course 20+ years in higher education, she has served as a professor, department chair, and online program director and has worked extensively with undergraduate and graduate students in both face-to-face and online environments. Driven to enrich K-16 learning, she has collaborated with colleagues in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences, as well as with external partners like the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the National WWII Museum, to build highly-successful fully-online programs and digital experiences for students. Because it can extend the university’s impact, diversify the workplace, and transform lives, she considers online education a social imperative and loves helping faculty see its potential. At UWB, she aspires to develop empowering online programming that respects the integrity of academic disciplines and the dignity of faculty and students.

Penelope Adams Moon / Assistant Director of Online Learning / penmoon@uw.edu / @penelope_a_moon / (425) 352-5239 / LBA-204D

Ana ThompsonAna Thompson has worked in higher education for the last 19 years in IT, digital learning and instructional design. As a Learning & Access Designer, Ana enjoys working with faculty members, staff and students to streamline the use of technology tools as well as promote digital fluency and universal design practices. Ana has extensive experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas, adult learning, WCAG 2.1, document accessibility, Copyright and Fair Use practices, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Currently, she is the lead of the Universal Design for Active Learning (UDAL) campus initiative, is a member of the New Faculty Orientation and the Classroom Design Team, the co-chair of the UW Bothell Accessibility Advisory committees and the UW Bothell Representative in the UW IT Accessibility Task Force. Ana is a certified Adobe PDF Accessibility Trainer and an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).

Ana Thompson, MIS, CSM / Learning & Access Designer / thomana@uw.edu / @edtechana / (425) 352-3794 / LBA-204E

Todd ConawayTodd Conaway came to UW Bothell after ten years of working with faculty as an instructional designer at Yavapai Community College in Arizona. Prior to that, he taught high school English for ten years at a small private school where he was able to combine his passion for the outdoors and digital tools. He works to combine classroom learning and community learning with the digital landscape in ways that create meaningful experiences for students. Inviting faculty to share their work, learn from one another, and grow as educators is what he aspires to cultivate at UWB. Some of his ongoing projects include an Open Educational Resources project with the library, Digital Badging and Credentialing, and the UWB eFellows program adapting First Year and Pre-Major courses to hybrid delivery. Todd is also a part-time IAS faculty member and teaches for the First Year and Pre-Major Program.

Todd Conaway / Instructional Designer / tconaway@uw.edu / @todd_conaway / (425) 352-5334 / LBA-204E

Salem LevesqueSalem Levesque joined the Digital Learning & Innovation team in 2012 to develop digital media pedagogy and learning technologies support at UW Bothell. His roles have expanded greatly, over his tenure, and is now affiliate faculty in the Nursing and Health Studies and as a liaison for the Interactive Media Design program. He has presented in a number of conferences over the past few years; Educause Connect, and Managers of Educational Technology Conference to name just a few. With many years of multimedia and IT experience, Salem invest his time and energy into the Digital Media Lab (UW2 -121) and the Open Learning Lab (UW2-140) by offering open and honest learning environments. He also continues to expand the opportunities for students, faculty, and staff interested in multimedia or learning with technology.

Salem Levesque / Digital Learning Specialist / swjl@uw.edu / (425) 352-3889 / LBA-204E

Marc StuderMarc Studer is the media producer, covering technology services from still photography to academic video production. Marc began with UW Bothell in 1996. Today, his facilities include video and audio resources through the Office of Digital Learning & Innovation to support faculty and staff. His consultation services support best practices in marketing, academic media, and hybrid and online media development.

Marc Studer / Media Production / studer@uw.edu / (425) 352-5272 / LB2-214