Resolution: Make More Content

While things are changing a bit, I still think that “Making a PowerPoint” is perhaps the one thing faculty still make consistently. That is not a bad thing, it is just the one thing that they do and then “deliver” it to students. The delivery may be in the classroom or online. Or both.

There are other things that can be helpful to students, particularly in the digital spaces of our classes. Many faculty are using tools like Panopto to create narrated presentation of content or they are using Google Docs to not only create content, but allow students to interact with it.

There are some other options for making useful pieces of information for students. And, for allowing them to make contributions to what is used as “content” in the class.

Create Weekly “Muddiest Point” Videos
You can use tools like Panopto or Screencast-o-matic to create short videos that address specific points that students are having trouble with. If these are well titled and described, and curated in a location that allows access across quarters and semesters, then over time you will have created a useful Playlist of videos. YouTube is a great place to store and deliver those videos. They can also me made easily using the built-in video tool in Canvas. Below is a playlist with some helpful Canvas tips. .

Use a Web tool like Quizlet to Create Content
There are a number of ways to develop useful content on the web. Quizlet is a great too for generating flashcards that do more than just flip from word to definition or question to answer. Quizlet transforms the information for simple flashcards into interactive activities. I know a faculty who assigned students chapters to students and had them generate to “Quizlets” for each chapter. She still uses them in her courses. Here is an example of Quizlet.

Create or Collaborate on a Timeline
I recently found another timeline tool that I like. Like Quizlet, there is a free and premium version. Below is one of the Sutori examples. I create a quick timeline when I first found Sutori and found it easy to use. It is also a collaborative tool so students could make the timelines individually or in groups. And of course, you could make one too.

Communicate More Make More Content Ask for Help More Often